How we work

How we work

Headhunting is a process of recruitment of a prospective employee, who is working elsewhere and who has a relevant work experience for a particular job profile. Head hunting is one of the most effective methods for sourcing & getting candidates for any technical positions, who might not necessarily look for a job change.


Organizations in many cases look for people with good amount of experience or professional competency to join the organization. They may not be able to post the job vacancy directly due to maintenance of confidentiality or they just don’t get enough respond on there vacancy. Further, they may not want to be dependent on the job boards, or on people seeking out for employment. Headhunting is suitable in these cases.


As a Technical Recruitment Specialist, we possess a unique blend of soft skills and technical knowledge in order to fund in the right candidates. As a Technical Recruiter we have the ability to negotiate, but also, we have enough technical knowledge to build relationships with candidates in the the Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Construction and Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing industry.


Our duties and responsibilities are:

  • Planning and Preparation through working closely with our client
  • Write, design and create the candidate pack and advert, to fully reflect the opportunities of the role,
  • Using the best personal market-leading methodology to attract candidates,
  • Identifying the best candidates and promoting the opportunity,
  • Also using our own very strong network of more than 10.000 candidates,
  • Communicating regularly with candidates, responding to their enquiries and keeping them informed about the process,
  • Our selected candidates will participate on an online assessment,
  • We offer a professional certified personal follow-up of the assessment,
  • Full support in making and negotiating the job offer.
  • Finding talent outside Netherlands when needed
  • If we do not find you the right person by the end of the initial process, we will continue the search until we do.

Interim Recruitment Management

Your recruitment strategy is aimed at filling as many vacancies as possible in your own region. You therefore invest in a successful, in-house recruitment team. At the same time, you realize that your recruitment demand is unpredictable and that there is no structural need for your recruitment knowledge and capacity. To increase your flexibility, you could operate with a flexible team of recruitment professionals.


Stephenson, as your recruitment partner, will help you increase the flexibility of your recruitment department by adding specialist know-how and capacity.


• Setting up recruitment goals for finding the very best candidates for technical, operational, financial, logistic, sales, marketing and IT staff on all levels.
• LinkedIn or another social media recruitment,
• Employer Branding,
• Executive search and selection
• Managing recruitment teams or office,
• (re)designing the recruitment processes,
• Editing job advertisements and job posting,
• Pre-employment screening questions before advertising on the company website and online job boards,
• Setting up a talent pool,
• Total recruitment marketing including making promotion video’s,
• Selecting and implementing ATS systems,
• Locating, identifying, and closing candidate talent.
• Making a personal recruitment plan,
• Coaching and mentoring new or junior recruiters,
• Providing advice on the market.

Individual Assessment

An Individual Assessment is the ideal instrument for evaluating potential, for assessing current status or selecting employees for specialist or management positions.


The Assessment tool that we work with has a proven record in:

  • Accelerating self-development;
  • Developing the quality of Leadership;
  • Improving the effectiveness of the professional organization;
  • Creating the right environment for Innovation & Growth.

Career Counselling

Counseling is about the relationship that is formed with clients – it is a collaborative and supportive relationship. As a Career Development Advisor we can inspire, guide, and direct career options, define a target, action plan for achieving your job success.


This advice is incl.:

  • CV reading, check & preparing advice
  • LinkedIn reading, check & preparing advice
  • Advice CV + LinkedIn during personal meeting
  • Advice how to reach your career goal
  • Advice how to find companies
  • Advice how to apply for a job (excising and not excising)
  • Advice professional photo for LinkedIn


Anything discussed during our sessions is confidential.